Artist, Cindy Woolery is of Cherokee and Welsh parentage and have lived a life as diverse as the gifts God has blessed her with. Cindy has created art ever since she could hold a pencil, and has original works of art and portraiture hanging in homes and businesses throughout the United States. A native of the beautiful state of Colorado, she has lived in it's most rural areas as well as its' most urban. Cindy, a former member of the United States navy has served this beautiful free country for almost ten years, and has also lived in many states as well as the Pacific Islands. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Denver (cum laude), with an emphasis in print-making and illustration.  

Today, Cindys' art is her ministry; rich jewel tones and precious metals lace through the intricate creations which are painted over scriptural substrates. Every piece starts with scripture from the Holy Bible and is prayerfully done from start to finish.

Cindy's desire and dedication is to put the Word of God in front of as many eyes as will see by using the gifts that God has given her, and to make available, to collector and layperson alike, the images that the Holy Spirit inspires her to share; and through these images, to touch as many hearts as possible.

Cindy, a loving and dedicated mom, currently lives in Joplin, Missouri with her son.

"Beatudes" by Cindy Woolery
"I Know Your Deeds" by Cindy Woolery
"If My People" by Cindy Woolery
"If-I-Perish-I-Perish" by Cindy Woolery
"Psalm 23" by Cindy Woolery
"Psalm 34:18" by Cindy Woolery
"Psalm 46:10" by Cindy Woolery
"Rahab" by Cindy Woolery
"Whatsoever Ye Do" by Cindy Woolery
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